17 June 2009

Getting Around Base(s)

RAF Mildenhall is located near the village of Mildenhall in Suffolk County, East Anglia. It is about 70 miles northeast of London. RAF Mildenhall is the smaller of two bases located about five miles apart. RAF Lakenheath is the other base. And it doesn't matter which base you're stationed at, you're going to be using both bases. A lot. Here's a quick rundown...

RAF Mildenall has:

  • BXtra (lawn & garden, home items, toys, outdoor & sports equipment, pet supplies, tools, home improvement)
  • Burger King, Taco Bell, Anthony's Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Subway
  • Bookstore
  • A small commissary that is open Tuesday through Saturday. They carry the essentials.
  • A nice bowling alley/snack bar
  • The Bob Hope Center (coffee, internet cafe, large indoor jungle gym for kids, etc.)
  • Shoppette and one gas station
  • Class Six
  • Movie Theater
  • Sports & Music store

RAF Lakenheath has:

  • BX (clothes, electronics, kitchen items, cosmetics, shoes)
  • Burger King, Pizza Hut Express, Charley's Steakery, Taco Bell, Baskin Robbins, Subway
  • The big commissary - they carry all your American items and also some British, German and Italian items, too.
  • A big bowling alley, but not quite as "new" as Mildenhall's
  • Two shoppettes, but only one gas station
  • Class Six
  • The hospital and doctor's offices
  • Movie Theater
  • Roller skating rink
  • Large arts & crafts store

RAF Feltwell (about 15-20 minutes from Mildenhall) has:

  • A small shoppette, but NO gas station
  • The furniture store for all three bases (baby furniture, etc. found here)
  • Some base housing

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